Black Tango

The Tango ConversationTM: The Introduction
An Exploration of Nonverbal Connection, Communication and Flirtation through Dance

Now offering three dates in 2011 in Oakland!
October 8, 2011 – 3-5:30PM
November 5, 2011 – 3-5:30PM
December 3, 2011 – 3-5:30PM
Held at Tango Magdalena Dance and Art Studio, 580 Grand Avenue, (beside Gold’s Gym) Suite 305, Oakland, CA

Bring MORE Fire and Passion to your relationship through Tango!  Join Healthy Conversations as we host a special experience for couples called “The Tango Conversation.” In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic steps, movements, and concepts of tango. Whether you are with a new or familiar partner, you will re/discover the sensual dance of conversation and flirtation with your partner through the dance of tango.  As you learn tango, a dance with deep historical roots in the African tradition, you will naturally begin to understand your unique partnership dance and how to use it to create more enjoyment and alignment in your relationship.

Past participants say:

What do you like most about the workshop? “Everything!”
“I hope this feeling continues for the rest of the evening!”

Your Healthy Conversations hosts, Tanya Leake, assistant tango instructor, student and workshop facilitator, and Donald Gerard, life and relationship coach, will be joined by Jean Pierre Sighe, lead tango instructor and owner of Tango Magdalena Dance Studio. With a history in Latin and ballroom dances, Jean Pierre has been studying and dancing tango since 1998 and has danced with Tango Masters such as Carlos Gavito (and Marcela), Fabian Salas, Chicho (Frumboli), Julio (and Corina).

The Tango ConversationTM is a production of Healthy ConversationsTM and a collaboration between the sensual movementTM, Tango Magdalena and Soulmate CoachingTM

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